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Central South Carolina is exactly what it sounds like…central. Anchored by the state’s capital city of Columbia and eight diverse counties, we’re the best of all worlds in the heart of SC. Whether you’re looking for a new community, a new job, or to change your career path entirely, you’ll find it here.

Why Central SC

Office to Outdoors

In Central SC, you can go from the boardroom or the factory floor to enjoying a sunset paddle or hitting the trails in the middle of a national park within minutes. Plus, our temperate climate and four seasons make enjoying the great outdoors with family, friends, or Fido all year a reality.

Why Central SC

At the Center of It All

In just two hours you can find yourself in Greenville, Charlotte, Asheville, Charleston, or Myrtle Beach. Our prime location makes heading out of town easy, but after getting a taste of our welcoming way of life and experiencing all that our Region has to offer, we think you’ll want to stick around.

Why Central SC

Lower the Cost, Raise the Standards

In Central SC, low cost doesn’t mean a trade-off. It’s one of the many reasons we’ve attracted companies like Nephron, AT&T, GE and Aflac to set up operations here, and why young and seasoned professionals continue to call Central SC home. Our median home price is about 30% lower than the national average.

Why Central SC

Launch Your Vision

Surfacing from a business-friendly startup hub and grassroots tech movement, the Central SC Region has built a dynamic community of tech talent, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Our network of colleges and universities award twice as many science and engineering degrees compared to the national average, and produce 20% more computer and software graduates.

Find Your Community

Nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains to the northwest and the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast, Central SC is truly at the center of it all. Discover our communities.

Calhoun County

Nestled just outside of our state’s capital city and centermost point, Calhoun County is perfect for stepping away from the hustle-and-bustle. Don’t be fooled-while you may not be bombarded by the steady hums and honks of packed urban cities, the abundance of outdoor activities in Calhoun will keep you busy in the water, on the trails of the Congaree National Park and among the fauna.

City of Columbia

If you’re looking for a place to be in the middle of it all, the City of Columbia is where you want to be. Quite literally. Columbia is geographically located in the center of South Carolina and the heart of Central SC, which makes it the perfect destination for finding a little bit of everything. Enticing people of all ages and tastes with its wide range of outdoor trails and parks, museums and attractions, and worldly dining experiences, Columbia emanates a palpable vibe that’s hard to resist.

Clarendon County

Clarendon County is home to popular bicycle producer Bicycle Corporation of America (BCA), a seemingly perfect fit for this outdoorsman’s paradise. Cyclists, wildlife explorers, and adventurers can get their fill trekking through pristine landscapes. For those looking to dip their toes into something a little more cooling, Clarendon is bordered along its southwestern edge by one of the largest lakes in the United States – Lake Marion.

Fairfield County

Honored historic attractions and features speak to the rich and beloved past of this county located in the northern part of our Region. You can take a ride through history at the South Carolina Railroad Museum and tour ageless architecture in the Winnsboro Historic District. When it comes to “good eats,” residents get competitive with their bar-b-que in a battle for bragging rights.

Kershaw County

Kershaw County possesses some unique claims to fame. Its small town of Boykin has produced some big things, like the Boykin Spaniel and an annual Christmas parade that attracts tens of thousands of people. The county’s historic city of Camden is the oldest inland city of South Carolina. Here, you can be immersed in its “classic Carolina” lifestyle while dining at one of the many delicious eateries, shopping at its charming boutiques, or taking in a horse race at the Carolina Cup on historic steeplechase grounds.

Lexington County

You’ll find southern living at its finest in Lexington County where the flavors and flare of the local lifestyle will help you create lasting memories. This suburban oasis has been expanding over the past few years with a burgeoning arts scene and breweries on tap to whet your whistle. Lexington’s allure sparkles along the shoreline of Lake Murray, the “Jewel of South Carolina,” where you can cruise the evening away.

Newberry County

This picturesque community emanates small-town charm and easy living, but the relaxed atmosphere is complimented by a spread of exciting sights and sounds. The county buzzes with entertainment and tourist destinations. The City of Newberry earns its nickname “The City of Friendly Folks” for good reason – the people here will welcome you with a level of hospitality that’s earned this community Travel Channel’s title of “Most Charming Small Towns in America”.

Orangeburg County

As the largest county by landmass in our Region, there’s much to do and much to see in Orangeburg County. In the spring to take in one of the Southeastern Tourism Society’s top 20 events – the Festival of Roses. During the summer and fall, paddle your way through an old cypress forest, camp under the stars and reel in a catfish at the Santee State Park. As cooler weather moves in for the winter months, light up your night with a walk through the Children’s Garden Christmas Walk, a long-running tradition.

Richland County

Richland County is where people and experiences converge. The county hosts a natural respite among city life with three major rivers, walking and cycling trails, and greenspaces to gather. A melting pot of culture and community, Richland is home to numerous museums, markets and art displays, and is the epicenter for many cultural festivals. When you’re ready to wind down for the day, you can enjoy a sunset view from one of the many rooftop restaurants and bars dotting the city skyline.

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