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October 25, 2021

USC Columbia Technology Incubator receives $200,000 scholarship grant from Truist

The USC Columbia Technology Incubator announced Monday (Oct. 25) a $200,000 grant from Truist Financial Corporation through the Truist Charitable Fund, a donor-advised fund at The Winston-Salem Foundation, to provide funding for scholarships and training programs that will support the future information technology (IT) workforce in South Carolina.

The USC Columbia Technology Incubator’s mission is to help innovative individuals and businesses grow through education, mentoring, and an established sense of community in the incubation facility in downtown Columbia, which serves that serves entrepreneurs in the Midlands of South Carolina.

“We are grateful for Truist’s generous contribution and commitment to supporting workforce development in South Carolina,” said USC Columbia Technology Incubator Executive Director Chad Hardaway. “This grant will play a key role in bolstering the state’s employee workforce by providing more South Carolinians the opportunity to further their education and ultimately become qualified to fill the in-demand jobs throughout the state.”

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