Certified/Commercial Truck Driver

A Speedy Career Path

Becoming a commercial truck driver goes a long way – figuratively and literally. For quick training and high wages, consider pursuing this career path. From small businesses to multinational companies, your duties are essential in ensuring their success. Sound interesting? Learn more about commercial truck driving programs and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) training in Central SC below.

Fast Facts


Average Salary in Columbia, SC


Experienced Earners Average Salary

2-4 months

Average Training Time


Projected 5-Year Job Growth

A campus building at Midland Tech in the Central SC Region

Gear Up

Central SC programs for Commercial Truck Driver certification give students on-site experience and education, designed to prepare attendees for entry-level trucking jobs. With state-of-the-art facilities and local companies providing mentorship, you can hit the road strong.


A row of green semi trucks in the Central SC Region

Right at Your Fingertips

Find CDL training by region here or check out SC Logistics, Goodwill CDL Training Program and Be Pro Be Proud SC for more information.

Former pharmacist finds new path with CDL training

Scott Knight proves that there are no dead ends through Midlands Technical College. A former pharmacist, he completed the MTC Commercial Drivers License program in the Spring of 2021.

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