Automotive Technician & Mechanic

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Roll up your sleeves and be the go-to repair person to keep the wheels in motion. As an automotive technician and mechanic, you’ll be conducting diagnostic tests on vehicles, replacing worn or damaged components, troubleshooting a variety of engine systems, and more. The shop counts on your efficiency and accuracy, and you are an essential aspect of the industry. Fuel your new career path as an automotive technician and mechanic and check out training opportunities below.

Fast Facts


Average Salary in Columbia, SC


Top 10% Earners Average Salary

3-12 months

Average Training Time


Projected 5-Year Job Growth

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Start Your Engine

Designed to provide technology-specific training – both in the classroom and in lab settings – students are prepared to hit the road and enter the workforce. Engine repair, drive train repair, and mechanical diagnosis are some of the many specializations awaiting you in this profession. Start your engines, and turn the wheel towards a new future.


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Find training by region here or check out Apprenticeship Carolina’s SCATD program, SC Logistics or Be Pro Be Proud SC for more information.

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