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Are you a caretaker with a desire to break into the healthcare industry? Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) provide basic care to patients, residents, and clients, as well as assist them in daily activities such as bathing, checking vital signs, and documenting food intake. CNAs report to either registered nurses or licensed practical or vocational nurses. Explore CNA training programs and job opportunities in Central SC to kickstart your career in this critical field.

Fast Facts


Average Salary in Columbia, SC


Experienced Earners Average Salary

2-10 months

Average Training Time


Projected 5-Year Job Growth

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Programs and apprenticeships across the Region are available for people of all ages looking to start their CNA journey. Get started with one of the programs below.



After completion of a CNA program, some healthcare professionals may choose to continue their education by joining the Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse path, or transfer into a 4-year BSN program. Check out programs for continued education below.


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