Computer Support Specialist

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Being a computer support specialist means blending problem-solving and innovative thinking to provide technical assistance, support, and advice to clients. Roles and responsibilities include analyzing, troubleshooting, and evaluating computer network problems. Learn more about opportunities in the field below to kickstart your IT career in the heart of South Carolina.

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Average Salary in Columbia, SC


Experienced Earners Average Salary

2-8 months

Average Training Time


Current Jobs 2021


Projected 5-Year Job Growth

A campus building at Midland Tech in the Central SC Region

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No matter your location or experience, training opportunities for Computer Support Specialist roles are abundant in Central SC. Our strong network of technical colleges and universities coupled with our growing tech hub provides job opportunities and job security in this field.

A female employee is surrounded by large towers of wires inside a facility in the Central SC region

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Our growing industry has created a strong community and roster of resources to help young talent succeed.


SC Tech

SC Codes

University of South Carolina College of Engineering


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