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September 27, 2022

Orangeburg police, Claflin University team up in new forensics lab

ORANGEBURG, S.C. — The Orangeburg Department of Public Safety is partnering with Claflin University on a forensics lab that aims to solve crime. A formal ribbon-cutting ceremony commemorated this milestone on Monday.

“I’m really excited about the benefits that will be shared between Claflin University and the City of Orangeburg,” said Director of Public Safety Charles Austin. “It certainly will help us because it will expedite the processing of evidence that we collect at various crime scenes, and I believe it will be as helpful with Claflin.”

The FBI-accredited facility processes evidence from crime scenes, conducts fingerprint examinations, and DNA analysis. This kind of data could help either convict or exonerate a suspect.

The facility has access to Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) which is a national database that allows analysts to compare a DNA profile to millions of others across the country.

Biotechnology students will have research opportunities and help work on mock criminal cases.

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