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February 14, 2022

MO3SOLES steps into downtown Newberry

NEWBERRY — At 19 years old, Mohamed “Moe” Hassan opened MO3SOLES in downtown Newberry, selling shoes, some clothing and other items. He is the youngest downtown business owner.

MO3SOLES, located at 1405 Main Street, opened in Newberry on Dec. 4, 2021, and in that short time, he has already sold approximately 650 pairs of shoes.

“I know in December we sold 400 pairs, January we sold about 200-250 pairs. So, we’ve sold about 650 pairs of shoes. When we started, we had 900 shoes, now we have 1,200; we have been consistently buying while we are selling. We had to put a new shelf because we have already outgrown what we had,” Hassan said.

Before even beginning his business, Hassan said he has always liked shoes. When he was younger, he said his family did not have much money. He said he got his first pair of Nikes in the eighth grade and wore them for three years straight.

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