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June 28, 2022

Claflin University launches new educational program

Claflin University is launching The Institute of Teaching and Nursing on Tuesday.

The institute is part is of South Carolina’s Institutes of Innovation and Information, a nonprofit which provides resources and support for the state’s seven historically Black colleges and universities. In 2021, Sen. John L. Scott Jr. spearheaded the appropriation of $18 million toward the development of educational institutions at each S.C. HBCU, each with a specific focus aimed at increasing opportunities and exposure for students and communities.

“Claflin University is renowned for the rigor of its academic programs, and we are excited about the opportunities to showcase teaching and nursing, which are among the most critically needed helping professions locally, regionally, and nationally,” Dwaun J. Warmack, president of Claflin University, said in a news release.

Claflin is the only HBCU in South Carolina that offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nursing, according to the release.

The institute, known as TITAN, will introduce high school students to teaching and nursing professions, orient them to college life and provide observational and experiential internships. In partnership with S.C.’s six other HBCUs, TITAN will also research health disparities in the state as well as the underrepresentation of teachers of color.

[source: Columbia Regional Business Report]

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