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April 13, 2023

Benedict College Selected for Innovative TechWise Program

Leadership from Benedict College, global edtech company TalentSprint and Google will host a special event on April 14 at 10am to celebrate the successful implementation of the TechWise program. Benedict is among the first schools in the U.S. to be included in the TechWise Program, which is offered by TalentSprint and supported by Google.

Congressman Ro Khanna, who represents California’s 17th Congressional District in the heart of Silicon Valley, will be speaking at the event. Rep. Khanna is committed to spreading good paying jobs and opportunities across the country and is a proud ambassador for the TechWise program. Google along with TalentSprint CEO and Managing Director Santanu Paul will also be speaking during the event.

“I’m thrilled to join leaders from Benedict College, Google and TalentSprint to celebrate the students participating in the TechWise program,” said Rep. Khanna. “HBCU students already have the talent to become leading software engineers, but the disconnect is in recruiting and partnership from the tech companies. This is a chance to help change that and expand good-paying jobs and tech opportunities to places outside of Silicon Valley. I’m proud to have worked with Google and the Benedict Administration to help set up this program.”

The TechWise Program is designed to help empower students from all backgrounds to become world-class, entry-level software engineers by the time they graduate college and complete the 18-month virtual program. Students selected for the program receive the entire training at zero cost, along with a $5,000 stipend to offset the additional time commitment required to successfully complete the program. Students have access to one-on-one mentoring from a current Google software engineer that helps them gain valuable experience learning and performing the role of a software engineer.

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